Chapter Ten: A Power Unknown

In the days following the attempted execution, Court was abuzz with gossip and laughter. I had redecorated much of the Palace, lining portraits with silver and gold leaves and placing bouquets of lilies, peonies, and roses in all pastel colours throughout the Hall of Ancients. Bouquets of midnight blue roses were flown in from the … Continue reading Chapter Ten: A Power Unknown

Chapter Nine: A Poor Execution

The chamber walls croaked with the uproar from the gallery. Feet stomped and loud voices shouted liar and crook. Whispers uttered conspiracy theories and guards closed in on myself and Griffin. Sebastien was red with outrage, he shouted and pointed, urging my father to see Griffin in the image he had painted. "Order." My father's … Continue reading Chapter Nine: A Poor Execution

So, what is Psychosis?

Psychosis is something we hear a lot about, especially in the context of schizophrenia or when labelling people as 'crazy', or more obviously, 'psycho'. Do you know much about what it means to experience psychosis and what a psychotic episode might involve? Spoiler alert: it isn't split personality disorder Symptoms of psychosis Hallucinations Delusions Disordered … Continue reading So, what is Psychosis?

I’m Struggling With My Mental Health, What Do I Do?

If you've got as far as the title of this post, you're doing great. Accepting that we are struggling and voicing it is the first, and often hardest, step to doing something about it. It can seem impossible to find somebody who understands or knows how to help you. We can be surrounded by the … Continue reading I’m Struggling With My Mental Health, What Do I Do?

3 Things You Need to Know About Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year! An event that is celebrated globally and is arguably one of the biggest international celebrations! Dragons, fireworks, and the colour red are all big trademarks of this holiday that has enchanted so many people of different faiths and nationalities. As a British/Irish girl with little interest in religion or faith, I … Continue reading 3 Things You Need to Know About Chinese New Year