So, what is Postpartum Psychosis?

It's Mental Health Monday and this week I wanted to shed light on a condition that is often overlooked - Postpartum Psychosis. This condition is known as a psychiatric emergency and guidelines suggest that it is reported and responded to within 4 hours of its presentation. It affects 1-2 women in 1000 and often comes … Continue reading So, what is Postpartum Psychosis?

So, what is Psychosis?

Psychosis is something we hear a lot about, especially in the context of schizophrenia or when labelling people as 'crazy', or more obviously, 'psycho'. Do you know much about what it means to experience psychosis and what a psychotic episode might involve? Spoiler alert: it isn't split personality disorder Symptoms of psychosis Hallucinations Delusions Disordered … Continue reading So, what is Psychosis?

I’m Struggling With My Mental Health, What Do I Do?

If you've got as far as the title of this post, you're doing great. Accepting that we are struggling and voicing it is the first, and often hardest, step to doing something about it. It can seem impossible to find somebody who understands or knows how to help you. We can be surrounded by the … Continue reading I’m Struggling With My Mental Health, What Do I Do?

5 Self-Care Methods That Won’t Break the Bank

1. Turn your phone off We live in a world of smart phones, social media, and instant gratification. With this comes pressure, anxiety, and a complete intolerance of uncertainty. When things are getting to you and you are feeling overwhelmed, sign off. Stop scrolling through everybody's filtered and flawless insta feeds, mute your notifications, and … Continue reading 5 Self-Care Methods That Won’t Break the Bank