Preptober: Last Minute Essentials!

We have 48 hours to go, people! I have bombarded you with tips, techniques, strategies, and even a sneak peek at my own work space. The time has passed for me to share any more advice or suggestions so I thought I would share my last minute purchases and gatherings to set me up for this mammoth task!

Comfy Socks

#SockSunday is one of my favourite things about writer’s Instagram and NaNo was not going uncelebrated. As some of you know, by the time you are reading this I will have just arrived in Disneyland Paris! So these perfect footwear are waiting at home for me to keep me warm and cosy during writing sessions and will definitely be featured on Sock Sunday for the next four weeks.

New Mug

Taken from the online Disney store

I know, I know, I have genuinely over 20 Disney mugs but you can bet that this spooky chic is going to be bringing this beautiful new cauldron mug home. Any seasoned NaNoers will know that caffeine is essential and I am no different. If I don’t have any tea, I won’t have any words! I even stocked up on teabags and tea leaves to ensure that I have access to my essentials as and when I need them.

Passion Planner

I have gone on and on and on about this glorious piece of planner mastery. This is my life bible and is absolutely getting me through this NaNo and my existence in general. What I love about this planner is its versatility and how it comprehensively covers every aspect of my life. I design and create each spread to match how I’m feeling and how my life is going at the time. I have designed a whole monthly spread for NaNo, as well as weekly for my day-to-day tasks. Then I used the back pages to design and fill out word count trackers, mood monitors, achievements and rewards.


I am definitely a reward-driven writer and needed to ensure that I would remain motivated. Working a full time job and going on holiday right at the start of NaNo could have been a recipe for disaster, so I bought these delights to keep myself going. I even designed a rewards matrix to give myself things to aspire to: smaller ones like snacks and cocktails at daily word counts and bigger ones like social events and date nights as I work my way through the bigger milestones. I’ll be posting those all as I go along, if I earn them!

So there are my essentials! I’m sure I will come back with a whole host of Disney Halloween paraphernalia but for now that’s all I need to kick off a successful NaNo! Let me know yours in the comments.

-L x

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