Girls’ Night Out: A/W Edition

Happy Fashion Friday! It is also payday weekend, let the drinks flow! The last Friday of the month needed to be something a bit more fun and exciting for me, so I twisted my bestie’s arm and we went out on the town! I don’t know about you guys but it is getting harder and harder to piece together the best nighttime outfit, especially when the weather is getting colder and more miserable and the scene is constantly changing. Our destination was a couple of cocktail bars and then a nightclub in an infamous city nearby that I won’t name. Let’s just say it’s not as upmarket as somewhere like Birmingham. Anyway, check out my OOTN – outfit of the night.

It’s the end of October, the clocks are turning back which means it is going to be darker longer and looking more dreary. I need an outfit that is bright and classy but isn’t going to see me freeze to death. Yes, I’m that 20-something year old who won’t take a jacket on a night out. I opted for jeans, my staple black ankle boots, and a beautiful new bodysuit from Missguided.

 I think it’s important for me to note here that I didn’t post this on Friday as planned for a couple of reasons. 1) I wasn’t going out until last night so hadn’t finalised the look in my mind, and 2) I had a wave of self consciousness that made me avoid taking photos for the post. As you can tell, a bedroom mirror selfie was all I could offer here when I’d wanted to get some nice photos with a more ‘professional blogger’ look. Sometimes we face insecurities and those perfect shots or gorgeous looks just don’t happen. I have always been insecure about how I look and this is something I’m growing alongside and learning to embrace so there will be days like Friday when no photo is good enough and then days like today when I’m coming off the back of an amazing night out and I might still be a little buzzed so last night’s photo during my getting ready phase is good enough. I like to be honest about my insecurities because social media can make us look perfect and happy 24/7 and it’s not a healthy image that I want to perpetuate or role model.

Thanks for reading!

-L x


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