Preptober: Welcome To My Lair

Happy Writing Wednesday! We have just nine days until lift off, are you feeling ready for it? I know I’m struggling to see past the 1st November at this point, so I thought I would take this opportunity to walk you through my personal writer’s lair in advance of NaNo. Check out my setup and what I keep close by to serve as inspiration and motivation!

Creation Platform

Where the magic happens…


This is where I come to write. I like the minimalist approach because it translates to my mind and lets me have space to think and create. For me, a sign that my mental health isn’t great is when things get cluttered and my desk chair goes from ‘writer’s throne’ to ‘chairdrobe catastrophe’.

Development Dashboard

I’m likely to strip it bare on the 1st…


I have shared this with you on many platforms and have had such amazing feedback from others who have tried it. If I’m honest, it helps me subconsciously keep my story in mind every single night and day without actually doing anything with the story. I find this is perfect for the pantser in me. As we start on the 1st November, I may well strip it down and refill it as we go.

Research Centre

If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or tools to write.


Within arm’s reach of my desk, my bookshelf provides me with visual and literary inspiration. Some of my latest obsessions include Sarah J. Maas’ Court of Thorns and Roses series and honestly if I could write something even close to her work, I’d be proud. I also like to see visual representations of strong female protagonists as that drives my own work.

Recuperation and Reflection Facility

What dreams are made of


Covered in Disney paraphernalia and facing my TV, my bed is where I get some of my best planning done. If I need to cosy up and relax, I head to the comfiest place I know. I try not to work too much from my bed as it can mess with my sleep habits but as I don’t live in my own home I don’t have the luxury of multiple rooms. This means that my work space has to be versatile!

How does your work space look in advance of NaNo? Share your ideas and inspiration with me in the comments and on social media!

-L x

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