Sparkles Are This Girl’s Best Friend

This Fashion Friday I wanted to share my favourite sparkly accessories with you! I have always been partial to big brands like Pandora, Carat and Swarovski and I have dreamed of the day I can shop at Tiffany’s or Harry Winston. When I accessorise, I like to keep it simple and occasionally make a statement. I’d also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the brand I have recently become an ambassador for, Sun Kissed!

This post is not a paid sponsorship or advertisement. All opinions are my own and I was not asked or approached to write this. 

Pandora: Timeless Elegance Gift Set


A beautiful set that was a Christmas present from my SO last December. As the name suggests, it is simple and elegant which is something I prefer for necklaces and earrings. I haven’t taken the necklace off as it goes with absolutely everything, and the earrings pair nicely for a more glam look.

Chamilia: Tinkerbell Necklace Swarovski Crystal


A beautiful birthday present from one of my best friends who knows just how much I love Disney. It is classy and simple but makes enough of a statement to not need any companion pieces. Get it for half price here!

Pandora: Rings in Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold


I have collected many rings over time with Pandora and am absolutely obsessed with their designs. I love how I can combine the three different colours in different ways to make glamorous sets. Browse their gorgeous sets here.

Sun Kissed: Susan Ring in Rose Gold


My first from Sun Kissed and my favourite. Those of you who keep up with my writing will know how much I love all thing astronomical and this ring is perfect for that. If you like the look of this and want to check out their other gorgeous products, visit their site and use my code YES10 to get a discount!

What are your staple accessories? Do you love to sparkle and shine? Let me know in the comments!

-L x


9 thoughts on “Sparkles Are This Girl’s Best Friend

  1. You have some really lovely jewellery pieces! Pandora rings are always gorgeous I have a few but the ones you have are so lovely especially the gold ones! That’s what I’ll be adding to my Christmas list! X

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  2. All beautiful pieces! Your SO has great taste! Such sweet gifts from people who really know you. I love how I feel wearing special gifts!

    Liked by 1 person

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