Five Reasons Why Monday Doesn’t Have To Be Your Most Hated, Or First, Day Of The Week

So I logged onto social media this morning as most of us do, and saw the usual barrage of ‘I hate Monday’ tweets. Everybody hates Monday. They hate it so much it’s a meme, and a GIF, and probably has its own parody YouTube channel. Worse yet, we always start the week on this godforsaken day. Why? Why do we hate it so much AND choose to kick off the week with it? Is there something in getting it over with so we can enjoy its much adored sibling, Friday? Possibly. But here is a list of ways we can, and should, rewrite this negativity.

  1. Do what you love, first.

Probably overused, but still true. And no, I don’t mean your job. Although if you hate your job you probably should do something about that. I simply mean that we have fallen into a pattern of marking the end of the week with ‘lazy days’ and motivated mornings full of hobbies and ‘side hustles’ before returning to ‘the grind’ grumpy, caffeinated, and unenthused. Change the narrative. Start your week with a hobby or some relaxation. Get up earlier and do some yoga, listen to an audiobook on your commute, do what you love, first.

2. Change your routine

I know precisely why I dislike hearing my alarm at 7:30 on a Monday, because I haven’t heard it for two days. I also haven’t got up before 10 since Friday, or maybe Saturday. If you’re having massive lie-ins on the weekend (possibly after a night or two of over-indulging), no wonder you can’t stand that obligatory wake up call. If you’re not like me, maybe you’re a parent with a miniature human alarm clock and lie-ins are a thing of the past, change your Monday. Consider what it is you’re dreading, is it the traffic or the commute? Is it that first phone call you’ve got to make? Is it that never ending to do list or your unchecked inbox? Or maybe it’s that for the next however many hours, you can’t do what it is you truly enjoy. For that one, revisit item 1.

3. Pick a different first day

Seriously. Diaries come with the option to start your week with a Sunday, so why not? I work 9-5, Monday to Friday. I commute 45mins to an hour each way, meaning I’m out of the house from 8-6. So I’ve decided that Saturday and Sunday are the true start to my week, because they are filled with my other hobbies and projects. All I am doing is changing my mindset. Monday is the day most people return from home and relaxation to work. Instead of ending my week with two days of ‘freedom’, I’m bookending my week with them. That way, when I see a new page on my calendar or diary, it starts with a much more enjoyable schedule!

4. Change your mindset

Nobody is asking you to LOVE Monday, but hating it won’t change much. The way we think affects the way we feel. If we think people dislike us, we can feel upset, anxious, or even angry. If we think we’re good at our job, we can feel confident, happy, and enthusiastic. So if your thought process is a little like this:

“I hate Monday because I have to go back to work and it takes time away from my writing.”

You’re probably going to feel fed up, frustrated, and disillusioned with this whole ‘working for a living’ thing.

If, instead, you challenged yourself to balance the thought. You might think:

“Working while I wait for my book to take off means I can earn money to go on that 5 day Writers’ Retreat. I can’t always write when I want, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my job.”

You might not prefer Monday to Friday, but you might just feel a bit better when that alarm goes off.

5. Set yourself goals

Instead of worrying about what Monday might have in store for you, plan it. Make Monday the day you achieve things. Use your lunch break to start running or brainstorm blog ideas. Better yet, make Friday the day you set things up. Friday can be spent using all that TGIF energy to get a head start on the week ahead. Bite the bullet instead of leaving it until later, your Monday self will thank you.

So do you think you’ll start being a little kinder to Monday? Let me know how you feel about #mondaymotivation here in the comments or on twitter!

-L x

One thought on “Five Reasons Why Monday Doesn’t Have To Be Your Most Hated, Or First, Day Of The Week

  1. Great post! I actually love Monday’s. I work from home and I work for myself so I have the luxury to change up my routine when I need to. Weekends are usually my least favourite times of the week! I love the new, Monday feeling!

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