A Day Out In Cannes (for a writer and stationery addict)

So, as some of you may be aware, I am currently enjoying my holiday in the South of France. Today I took a trip to Cannes, a famed location for les artistes. Among the luxury of designer shops, seafront hotels, and lines of yachts, was a certain ambience. For some reason, whenever I visit the South, I am awash with inspiration. When I was last here, August 2017, I wrote much of what would be the first few chapters of Book One. I also built Asile, its main world, and spent much time crafting and beautifying the base of my first ‘real’ attempt at a novel. A novel I am still working up the courage to finish. I had not looked at or touched this WIP in around 8 months and yet as soon as I arrived, it was all I could think of doing.

For many, a day out to Cannes might involve window shopping at Chanel or D&G, photos by the Carlton, and lunch with a sea view. I would recommend, and enjoyed, all of the above. However, a trip to a tucked away Monoprix led me to find something I never knew I needed. The Rhodia. A notebook so luxurious, I thought it was akin to a Moleskine. I know, I know now that is blasphemy. Many people will debate and fight over which of these two superior journals is the best. I had to google the differences and ended up down a rabbit hole of fountain pen forums – yes they are a thing. Apparently the Rhodia is the better of the two, especially if you use fountain pen.

I also bought a cheaper notebook that encompasses the glamour and beauty that is Cannes. I added a pen to the collection to see if I could find the perfect combination of ink and paper. Unfortunately, the pen has not lived up to expectations.

Aside from finding glorious notebooks and learning about the best of the best, I tested my red carpet look for when Book One gets a film deal. Though I doubt it would be shown at the Cannes Film Festival. Taking in the history as well as the contemporary, and envisioning a 1920/30s Riviera with stars like Monroe and writers like Fitzgerald made me feel like I was in a promised land. Somewhere where the Arts are still revered and dreams are still born. Sometimes I forget how a scene shot through an artist’s eyes can look so different.

Where are you most inspired? Have you tried Rhodia or Moleskine? Let me know in the comments!!

-L x

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