5 Self-Care Methods That Won’t Break the Bank

1. Turn your phone off

We live in a world of smart phones, social media, and instant gratification. With this comes pressure, anxiety, and a complete intolerance of uncertainty. When things are getting to you and you are feeling overwhelmed, sign off. Stop scrolling through everybody’s filtered and flawless insta feeds, mute your notifications, and spend some much-needed time on yourself.

2. List your positive qualities, and don’t minimise!

It is so easy for us to criticise ourselves; focusing on what we should have done or could have done better. Even worse, we convince ourselves that this is ok because it pushes us to do better or it keeps us from becoming arrogant. Self-compassionate thinking is not selfish or egotistical, it is essential for good self-esteem and boosting confidence! Challenge yourself to think of ten things you did well today.

3. Write a letter to your future self

Give your future self a boost by sending yourself some love in old-fashioned form. It can be really hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel when we are struggling with our mental health. By considering what we might need to hear or what we want to have achieved in a few months or years time, we can alter our perspective on our current darkness and maybe formulate a plan to improve things.

4. Start something brand new

We really need to stop living in the past or worrying about the future, but that’s easier said than done. We often fight uncertainty and replace it by watching our favourite film, you know that one you can act out the ending to. So challenge yourself to fight that fear of the unknown and start a new project! Who knows, this new hobby or film might be the key to escaping your rut.

5. Put yourself first

Now is your time. Own it. Prioritise your well-being and give yourself your best chance. It is second nature to stick to routines others give us; school, work, partners, family we care for. So make your own routine. Even an hour a week for ‘me time’ is a start. Put your oxygen mask on before helping others with theirs, you’re no use to anyone unconscious.

-L x

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