5 Ways To Improve Your Productivity

1. Less is so much more

Honestly, if I have learned anything in the past 12 months it is that flogging yourself with blog posts, social media, and entrepreneurs in your inbox won’t make life any easier.

I work with clients 9-5 Monday to Friday and find myself telling them over and over, “slow down” “pace yourself” “avoid the boom and bust lifestyle” and then go and ignore my own advice. As you can probably tell by my blog, I’m either posting three times a week or not for months at all. Trying to do too much at once is as effective as doing nothing, trust me.

2. Stay away from buzzwords

“Productivity” “entrepreneur” “influencer” “mogul” “ambassador”

These are words we take as gospel when it comes to building our own empire. Unfortunately, they’re also words others use us to buy into (sometimes literally) schemes and projects that on the surface look like they will benefit us. You may well have clicked on this article just because everybody around you is telling you to ‘be more productive’ and ‘use your time to its fullest potential’.

You don’t need a label or an over used hashtag to tell you how to be good at what you do, especially if it comes with a price tag of its own. You know how you work and, if you truly love what you do, you don’t need any extras to get it done.

3. Ask for help

Trying to conquer the world can be a lonely venture. It’s easier to isolate ourselves and go offline when it gets hard or overwhelming. The best pieces of advice I have received have been from fellow bloggers and artists on social media.

If you need help expanding your horizons or developing your brand, reach out and engage with the community. There’s only so far the ‘watch and learn’ philosophy will get you.

4. Buy a diary

Or if you’re like me, buy an iPad Air and get some fancy app. Organisation is key to producing anything, so get organising! Colour code, label, order, do whatever you need to ensure your life works for you.

However, this doesn’t mean you plan every hour and block out every day with work and social media (see point 1). Make sure you’re looking after yourself, and make sure your priorities are straight. If you can afford two hours to blog and schedule posts, you can afford an hour to meditate or work out.

5. Share your success

And own your failures. The blogging community is one of the most supportive online communities I have ever been a part of, so keep us in the loop! If you’re acing it, let us root for you, and if you messed up, let us learn vicariously!

I wrote this post just to tell you that actually, I have no clue what I’m doing. Worse yet, I can’t get myself organised or motivated. And if you got to the end of this and have anything you would add, please let me know. I have fallen victim to all of these things and hopefully still have time to rectify it.

-L x

7 thoughts on “5 Ways To Improve Your Productivity

  1. I have been blogging forever now… those are solid tips. These are a few I practice well to get how far I have gotten, so it great to see and hear it’s still being shared out there.


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