National Stationery Week: Part I

Yes it’s a thing, I researched it. UK readers and writers, our time is now. Or more precisely, Monday 29th April until Monday 5th May. natstatweek.jpg

So what is National Stationery Week, other than the one holiday I didn’t know I needed? This week celebrates the importance of writing by gathering all stationery addicts and handwriters across schools and social media and offering us fantastic competitions and offers from big retailers.

I think I have made it clear previously that I am addicted to purchasing notebooks. This addiction has gone so far that now I am considering designing them, too. I think there is something extra special about journalling and writing by hand. If you follow me on social media you will also be aware of how much I love a good pastel highlighter. So this week, I intend in partaking in this amazing celebration of all things ink and paper on Twitter and Instagram.

How can I get involved?

Click on the logo above to visit the website for this joyous occasion. Follow @NatStatWeek on Twitter and Instagram, post your stationery pics with or follow the below hashtags:


If you are really interested in why writing matters so much and how to support those who have handwriting difficulties, check out the National Handwriting Association.

What next?

Keep me posted! You have a week to prepare and I want to see exactly what you’re up to. Are you a supplier or retailer in the UK that plans on getting involved? Are you overseas and wanting to spread the word in your hometown? Do you have ideas on what notebook designs you think the world is missing out on? Tag me in those posts and reach out in the comments. Let’s use our obsession for good.

Look out for Part II next week…

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