3 Things You Need to Know About Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year! An event that is celebrated globally and is arguably one of the biggest international celebrations! Dragons, fireworks, and the colour red are all big trademarks of this holiday that has enchanted so many people of different faiths and nationalities. As a British/Irish girl with little interest in religion or faith, I find this time of year simply fascinating! I have had a great interest in the Chinese Zodiac (Fire Rat over here in case you were wondering) and Feng Shui since a young age. So I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned along the way!

1. If it is the year of your zodiac, in Chinese culture that is bad luck!

Many may think that celebrating your 12th, 24th, 36th and so on, years would be a positive thing. However, it is seen more as a hurdle and a transition that you must overcome to begin a new cycle. Mine will be coming up next year, wish me luck!

2. The Festival lasts around 16 days!

Starting with the first new moon between 21st January and 19th February, the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year will last for another two weeks and end with the Lantern festival. There are many expectations and practices associated with the festival, such as not showering on the first day to avoid washing away good luck.

3. It is the one night where the most fireworks in the world are set off!

In line with a myth that suggested fireworks scared away monsters, setting off fireworks to mark this festival is now common practice globally. Best keep those pets indoors!

Do you celebrate the Lunar New Year? Are you interested in your zodiac? Let me know in the comments!!

-L x

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