January Wrap Up!

It is February on Friday and quite frankly I can’t figure out whether January went too quickly or lasted too long. All in all it was a challenging month and I am looking forward to starting February with new goals, new plans, and the same people who got me this far.

So, what did I get done this month?

I got my blog up and running and managed three posts a week! Last week fell by the wayside and I didn’t post on Wednesday or Saturday, but have no fear! I will be giving you all three final installments of Eleri’s Kingdom by the end of the month, scouts honour!

I wrote quite a bit, and not all of it was Book One. I managed to write more for myself which included updating my 100 year diary, writing in journals, and blog posts! I hope I can continue my newfound habit of 500 a day.

I read more than I anticipated. As much as I love reading, it is something I really struggle to find time for. Finishing Beautiful Creatures and being swept away by To Kill a Kingdom was definitely a good start to the year.

I also reached over 1,000 followers on Instagram and currently have 91 followers here on WordPress. I revived my Twitter account and have 80 followers on there too. It’s been nice to return to the communities of writers I had left behind and meet new people. If you would like to follow my social media, scroll to the top of the page and click the symbols under the site name, or look to your right for snapshots of my latest updates.

What do I need to continue working on next month?

I would like to read more than I have this month. I think my writing will only improve if I keep up with it, so I need to switch off the outside world and curl up with some new stories!

Book One is still a mammoth task that cannot be unfinished. I will be working on this one for some time.

What did I learn in January?

Managing my time, my expectations, and my responsibilities is something I have found difficult this month. Creating time for myself to relax and keep on top of my own mental health has been tricky. Hopefully I can continue with the layout I have now but will definitely be tweaking my time management to ensure that I am my own priority.

So what can you expect in February?

Saturday morning’s post will reveal my 30 day challenge and goals for the month. You can expect various different features of my blog including a celebration of Chinese New Year, comparisons of different styles of storytelling and literature, and a post on a cause very close to my heart as its international awareness weeks occur.

I hope you guys have enjoyed what you’ve seen so far! If you have comments, questions or suggestions for February, please let me know in the comments!

-L x

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