5 Reasons A Serial Might Be Just What You Need

So I have reached the end of the road with Eleri’s Kingdom! What was once just an idea, became a side project that developed a life of its own. Something I hoped to write, finish, and publish in a matter of months last Autumn became a task that I couldn’t complete until the New Year. I had found it difficult to juggle studies, work, and writing a novel but I didn’t want to forsake my world just yet. So, Eleri’s life long before Laila’s story became just what I needed to keep my WIP alive. Here are 5 reasons why the author, booklover, or dreamer in you might need your own serial, too.

1. Writing a serial reignited my love for my WIP

When life got on top of me, I found that my WIP became a chore. As much as I loved Laila, Damon, Tom, and their world, I could not bring myself to spend any more time writing and slaving over something that would seemingly never be finished. Writing a story set in the same world allowed me to build that world in more detail. It also allowed me to spend time away from my characters without leaving them entirely behind. By the end of chapter ten, I was eager to flash forward 200 years and get right back to Laila.

2. Blogging the story was constantly rewarding

Sharing the story in short parts on a regular basis, on a platform that everybody could access, meant that I didn’t have to wait around to release it or agonise over whether anybody would like it. By blogging it, I was allowed to not care what anybody thought but to benefit from the feedback. Whether I got 3 likes or 10, if anybody read it all, was irrelevant. It was something that I could complete in sections and feel the satisfaction of completing each post as I went.

3. Reading a serial is a quick and easy thing to do

10 chapters, each at 3000 words or less? Easy! It isn’t the commitment of reading a novel and the pace is much quicker. It’s like a short story in the style of a tv series. As a reader or a writer, you can accomplish it in a short amount of time and enjoy it in sizeable chunks. It’s a great start if you want to write a novel but don’t have the experience or time to commit to it.

4. It’s great practice for the real thing

One thing I have learned from this experience is that writing is what makes you a better writer. Constantly practising my craft and exhibiting it in a new style meant that I could hone the skill and learn more about the genre and audience I am working with. Now that I have completed the prequel, I have so much more information and knowledge about the story and the style in which I want to write my novel.

5. You can always add to it later

Eleri’s Kingdom is a 10 chapter short story that feels quite rough, if I’m completely honest. I love the plot and spent long enough working on it that I’m satisfied with how it came together, but that doesn’t make it the final piece. Who knows, maybe one day I would like to publish it as a perfected book. For now, though, it will be left for public consumption while I work on the centrepiece: Book One.

Have you read Eleri’s Kingdom, or blogged a serial yourself? Chapters 8-10 will be available in the next week. Let me know what you think!

-L x

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