The Book You Should Be Reading Right Now

I finished Beautiful Creatures over Christmas so decided to tackle my growing TBR pile in the New Year! You can check out what I thought of Beautiful Creatures here. My latest read is Alexandra Christo’s To Kill a Kingdomand this post is about how I’m finding it so far.

Why this book?

While I am one of the biggest Disney geeks I know, The Little Mermaid is the one tale that I don’t have time for. That and Snow White, but that is for another day. I don’t like to go into politics on my blog but let’s just say that as a feminist and lover of strong female role models, Ariel is not in line with my views. Seriously, who gives up their voice for a man?

Anyway, any book that takes that story to pieces and delivers us a dark awakening with a much more edible storyline and fascinating characters can have a prime position on my bedside table. The second I realised that the protagonist is the ultimate anti-hero and that sirens are way more badass than mermaids was when I knew this book was for me.

So how am I getting on?

I first started drafting this post last weekend and I had only managed to read the first chapter. Safe to say, I binged since then. I have read eighteen chapters and am rushing back to it every bedtime. I love Lira’s character, her savagery and defiance captured me from the start. I think Elian plays too hard and is definitely more gentleman than pirate on the inside. I’m eager to find out why Elian spends so much time at sea and how that all started. I think the darker revelations of Lira’s personality and taste for violence were less expected and I do find it difficult to imagine her as anything less than ruthless.

Christo has created a vivid expanse of worlds and kingdoms that are enticing and unique. I’m especially taken by the languages and variety of cultures that crossover and interact. Despite her telling us that this novel is a standalone, I definitely think she has the space to write many more spin-offs based on the other kingdoms.


So I’m pretty sure that Lira and Elian will end up intertwined in all kinds of forbidden love and tragedy – my favourite!

I think what would take this novel up a notch would be a devastating betrayal of some kind. Perhaps by Kye or Madrid, Elian’s closest allies?

What next?

Once I have finished this one, I will try to pick up another from my TBR pile. It’s all about YA fantasy currently for me. I will review To Kill a Kingdom if it is desired by you guys, let me know in the comments! I am also currently beta-reading for a very talented friend V. Renae, so her upcoming sequel is also on my to-do list! I’m very excited about my projects for the year and hope I can keep you all in the loop as I go.

Have you read To Kill a Kingdom? Let me know what you thought!

-L x

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