Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It’s finally 2019 and by international annual tradition we are all granted a do-over. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t achieve your goals or stick to last year’s resolutions, we can just make new ones! And if you’re like me and cannot stick to a resolution for toffee, you might be interested to see how I am going about dodging that particular bullet as I set out down my new path.

I am not really a fan of waiting until Monday, or the 1st of next month, or new year, or when I’m a year older, or when school starts back. If I want to start something new and, in particular, commit to a lifestyle or habit change, I think that procrastinating is the least helpful way to kick it off. If I decide at 11am Thursday morning that I want to start eating healthily, you bet that day’s lunch will be new and improved. However, it is still great that we are able to grant ourselves that new start and sometimes knowing it is coming up is that push we need.

As Christmas 2018 wrapped up, I realised that I had let a lot fall by the wayside towards the end of the year and wanted to get back on track. So from 3am Thursday 27th December when I couldn’t sleep I decided that I would spend the remaining 4 days and 21 hours of 2018 preparing to do just that. In the days that followed I planned all blog posts until 30th June 2019, I bought an exercise bike and started using it, I finished Eleri’s Kingdom and have it ready for you to read this month, and I set myself monthly goals and challenges. So what is 2019 going to look like for me?

The Plan

This year is for making habits that will achieve goals I left unattended before Christmas. I want to get back to writing my novel, blogging consistently, being healthier and more productive, and learning new things. I have made room for mistakes, set backs, and new ideas, too. The plan is to accomplish more of what I want rather than what I feel I should.

So what can you expect?

  • Three blogs a week: Tuesdays at 8pm, Wednesdays at 6pm, and Saturdays at 9am (GMT).
  • The conclusion to Eleri’s Kingdom on Wednesday 30th January.
  • Advice on how to achieve your goals and updates on how I’m getting on.
  • Posts on books and writing, but also things like mental health and psychology, fashion, and international and national awareness days and weeks that are close to my heart.

Coming up this week on Just Ink and Paper:

Wednesday 2nd January at 6pm: Resume Eleri’s Kingdom with Chapter Five: Family Matters. You can catch up in advance here.

Saturday 5th January at 9am: My goals for January and advice on how you can make attainable, satisfying goals that you can commit to achieving.

Let me know what your plan for the New Year is! Are you resuming old projects or starting something new? Have you made resolutions or are you no good at sticking to them like me?

-L x

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