A Summer’s End

I cannot believe it is September next week! I took the week off from blogging to clear my head and prepare for an exam, and in all honesty I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to write. This post, however, is something a little new for my usual blog. This is a wrap up post for the Summer and a plan for Autumn.

Achievements from Summer

  1. I launched Eleri’s Kingdom! Even though it was a struggle and I did not manage to complete writing it in Camp NaNo July, I’m still happy with the first few chapters and the response they’ve been receiving.
  2. I started writing about mental health, a very important topic for myself and apparently the people I follow on social media. I can’t wait to continue with it.
  3. I began treating people as well as assessing them at work and it has been so rewarding. I rarely share my professional life on here but I can’t help rating it as one of my achievements!

Autumn Plan for Just Ink and Paper

So what I’m thinking, is that my blog is going to have a three-pronged formula across September, October, and November. My blog is going to focus on my writing, namely Eleri’s Kingdom and Book One, mental health awareness, and a little bit of fashion. As much as I adore Summer, Autumn fashion has to be my favourite. I recently got an email from New Look informing me of the four colours that will underline trends next season and I am so excited to wear all of them. I have also started looking to branch out on my make up and hair styles (those of you who have me on social media may be aware that I have recently cut my hair short for the first time since I was about 10) and fancy giving some fashion/beauty blogging a go. With mental health, I’d really appreciate guidance on what you want to read. I’m happy to share my own tips and tricks for combatting what we call ‘common mental health problems’, my experience with more complex mental disorders, or perhaps what I learn on the job. Let me know in the comments!

Autumn Plan for My Writing

So Eleri’s Kingdom should be finished around October by my calculations. Which means that I will be able to return to Book One and achieve my ultimate goal of writing a full first draft by Christmas. I cannot wait to get back to Laila and Tom, and Damon of course. I’ve missed their world greatly and honestly, as fun as Eleri’s Kingdom is, I know exactly where my heart lies. I may also write a few spooky stories for Halloween, or return to Eleri upon popular demand. I think I would also like to spend more time writing about how I write and tips for writing fantasy or romances.

Autumn Plan for Lizzie

Other than blogging and writing, I do have an outside life! So for the next few months, this is what it will hopefully look like:

  • Start hockey season
  • Join a gym (see above, I’m so unfit)
  • Finish my postgraduate course and qualify in my job
  • Plan a trip to Disneyland Paris

Is there anything I’ve missed in my plans, or something you want me to write about in Autumn? Let me know in the comments!

-L x

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