Who’s Who?

As the penultimate sneak preview of Eleri’s Kingdom, I would like to offer you a quick guide to the royal family and their courtiers.

The Royals

Ferdinand d’Elysia: Eleri’s paternal grandfather, the first King of Asile, granted power from the Sun. Ferdinand led the magician factions in the Dark War against persecution from humankind. Upon winning the war, his efforts were rewarded by being crowned King. He died shortly after Eleri’s eighth birthday, he was her closest relative.

Luna d’Elysia: The daughter of Richard Alexander, Luna was promised to Ferdinand after he won the war. A magician with power from the Moon she was every part his equal. Luna was famous for her humble beginnings and is renowned for guaranteeing the Alexander family power at court. She died just after Eleri was born.

Luca d’Elysia: The eldest son of Ferdinand and Luna, Luca was blessed with combined powers of the Sun and Moon. He is King of Asile during Eleri’s Kingdom, and Eleri’s father. Charged with choosing the three candidates, it is thought that he favours the Alexander line. His relationship with Eleri is tumultuous due to their fiery, stubborn natures.

Olivia d’Elysia: Mother of Eleri and an Alexander, Olivia is often torn between her daughter’s interests and that of her bloodline. She is Francis’ distant aunt and it is thought she is vying for him to win the Trials. Her magic is born from the Stars and her powers are akin to that of divination.


The Alexanders: Olivia’s father and the patriarch of the Alexander bloodline, Sebastien Alexander is the most powerful Caeli magician in Asile. He is Francis’ great-uncle and a descendant of Richard Alexander, Ferdinand’s right hand man. The Alexanders own the mines of the Shadow Mountains and are renowned for their magical abilities across all elements. They even boast a d’Elysian magician or two, distantly related to the royals.

The Dubois: powerful Imber magicians, a Dubois can navigate storms and seas better than any other in the realm. Elizabeth Dubois is the eldest daughter of the patriarch, Henri’s grandfather. Famous at court for their humility and propriety, some say they are the better family and some say it is why they are not as close to the Crown. Civil war is rumoured to be brewing between the Dubois and Alexander line, others offer the theory that they will unite in a coup if the time is right.

Who are you most excited to meet/learn more about? Let me know in the comments!

-L x

2 thoughts on “Who’s Who?

  1. I am LIVING for these posts. I am SO excited to meet the Dubois, and Luca – you can’t beat a tumultuous relationship between a father and daughter to keep you on your toes.

    Liked by 1 person

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