Over halfway there!

It’s day 18. We have less than two weeks left of Camp NaNoWriMo. I thought I’d check in with you to see how you’re all doing and share how I’ve been getting on. In all honesty, it’s been tough. My word count is barely shifting and I’ve hit a bit of a block. This will not delay the release of Eleri’s Kingdom, but it means I have had to take some measures to address the difficulties.

Step 1: Identify the problem

I have always been proud of the way I connect to my writing. In particular, the emotions they feel and how these are central to their story. Laila’s story is one of love, loss, and challenges. I found it easy to tap into my own experience and write as I felt it, in real time. Eleri is a challenge for me as she is a much younger character. Where Laila is slightly older than me, Eleri is equally my junior. It took me a while but I soon realised that the issue wasn’t the story, it was me. I was no longer an eighteen year old girl experiencing love for the first time.

Step 2: Find a solution

To simulate those emotions was a difficult task. I never kept a diary or any kind of record of those emotions other than my creative pursuits. I do, however, create playlists on iTunes for each month of the year, and have done so since 2011. Music has played an integral role in my life and my emotions throughout my adolescence and adulthood. Finding my 2013/4 playlists evoked many memories and emotions that I was able to tap into to find Eleri.

Step 3: Aim at target

Forgoing all of my stress and difficulties, finding time for my writing, and allowing myself to feel old emotions were essential preparations. All that is left is to pursue my goals and get back on track. Wish me luck! How are you getting on with Camp? Let me know in the comments! -L x

3 thoughts on “Over halfway there!

  1. I believe drawing things from the writer’s own experience is a great thing to do. Some people claim that characters shouldn’t be based on the writer, but I think that, because each of us is so unique, it’s a great thing to look within ourselves for answers when it comes to writing fictional beings. I rarely join camp in July (mostly in April), but I wish everyone else good luck and of course I’m still working on my own project :3 Looking forward to read Eleri’s Kingdom!

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    1. It’s the only way I know how to do it, I admire anyone who can write from pure imagination! Oooh I’d love to hear about your project 🙂 thank you so much for reading ❤ -L x


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