The Three Candidates

“Three young, handsome men have risked reputation and life to be chosen for these Trials, for a chance at your hand in marriage. Surely one of them can win your heart, too.” – Queen Olivia, Chapter One: Dark Attraction

Francis Alexander

A powerful Caeli magician with strong political links to the throne, Francis is the distant nephew of Queen Olivia. The Alexander family hold the King’s ear, as Richard Alexander stood at Ferdinand d’Elysia’s side as he led the magicians to victory during the Dark Wars. In return for taking the throne and his friend’s support, Ferdinand promised his heir to Richard’s daughter, Olivia. Since then, it has been rumoured that the Trials will be rigged in Francis’ favour to ensure the d’Elysians’ future as monarchs.

Charming, arrogant, and handsome, Francis is likely to catch the Princess’ eye. Whether he can appeal to her mind is another matter.

Henri Dubois

Intelligent, proper, and kind, Henri is the son of a powerful Duke. While the Dubois family do not use their history and wealth to dominate Court like the Alexanders, they are the second strongest family. Henri is a strong Imber magician and a safe bet in all regards, unfortunately the King and Queen are not interested in allying themselves with his family.


Henri is a reassuring contrast to the over-confident Francis and would easily befriend Eleri. An ability to be openly romantic may tip the scales in his favour, if he can muster one.

Griffin Stormwhite

The dark horse of the competition in all meanings of the word. Born of a family with no notable history or power, Griffin Stormwhite is an unexpected addition to the Final Trials. Lacking in wealth, name, and Courtly influences, it is clear from the off that Griffin’s power is the reason he got this far. Many at Court fear his magic and its unknown origins. The Queen in particular does not wish him to be around her daughter.


Disinterested with the Princess, Griffin is in attendance merely to prove that he is the most powerful magician in Asile. Whether he likes it or not, his darkness is drawing Eleri in.

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