Eleri’s Kingdom: An Introduction

“I was really hoping you wouldn’t be like they said.” He fell back onto an old chaise longue, crossing his legs and placing his hands behind his head.

“And what did they say?” I stood awkwardly in my place.

“That you were sheltered, uneducated, but wickedly powerful.” He picked dust from his trousers and flicked it to the floor. He wasn’t dressed like the other guests, either.

“So why risk reputation and life to be here? If I’m so sheltered and uneducated.” My voice lilted as I found my stance. His eyes caught mine.

“Like I said, I was really hoping you’d be different to the stories.”

Chapter One: Dark Attraction

Born with the power of all four elements, the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars, Eleri is no regular Princess. The future Queen of Asile has special responsibilities that extend beyond ruling the once war torn country. She is the future of the d’Elysian bloodline and, as such, must have a suitable husband. Tradition dictates that any and all men can step up to contend for her heart, but the King will choose the three most powerful to complete the Final Trials. Eleri must then choose the man who wins her affection, plain and simple.

On her eighteenth birthday, Eleri is introduced to three candidates. Francis Alexander is a childhood playmate and the heir to the most powerful family at court; a clear favourite of the King and Queen. Henri Dubois is kinder, smarter, and arguably a better magician, but his family do not have a decades-old arrangement with the Royals. Griffin Stormwhite is neither kind, nor a courtier. With power that rivals Eleri’s and a darkness that connects to something within her, his presence at court threatens to reveal secrets, lies, and corruption at the heart of the d’Elysian monarchy. When tragedy strikes on the eve of the Last Trial, Eleri must choose between the man who could depose her family and the man who could destroy her kingdom; a decision that could cost a man his life.


4 thoughts on “Eleri’s Kingdom: An Introduction

  1. I’m so excited for this, once I started reading about the story I just had to look for all the posts related to it and read one after another xD The way you structured the information you’re giving out and the sneak peeks give me the feeling that the story is very well thought-out and I’m definitely excited for the first chapter to come out! Keep up the good work! :3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad to have you on board! Thank you lovely 🙂 another sneak peek is coming today at the usual slot 6pm BST and my general blog will feature how I’m handling writer’s block for Eleri’s Kingdom 🙂 thanks so much for reading -L x


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