I’m Lizzie, and I’m a Notebookaholic…

It’s true. I have an obsession with journals, planners, notebooks, pretty much anything that includes lined paper bound together with a pretty cover. And trust me when I say that it is all about the pretty cover. I recently noticed that people seemed to be enjoying my Instagram posts that featured my notebooks, so I decided that I would write a post about my obsession and our little community of notebook hoarders.

My top 5 notebook brands:

  1. Paperchase
  2. Paperblanks
  3. W H Smith
  4. MOO
  5. The Happiness Planner

I put these in no particular order as they all serve a slightly different purpose. Paperchase is where I found the hand-stitched journals on my instagram, they are often unique and beautifully made with fabric covers. Paperblanks are much more expensive, hardcover journals that are usually embellished. W H Smith gives me all of my stationery, including my new fountain pen, and has had some very pretty notebooks of late. Their Moderno collection is where I found my academic diary, their selection features a marble design with pastels and rose gold – stunning! MOO is a wonderful online source of journals and notebooks in varying designs. Their hardcover journals come in colour sets with the central pages matching the covers of their softcover counterparts. The Happiness Planner is particularly interesting, as it is not just a blank canvas. It is filled with inserts that cover mindfulness, goals, dreams, self-awareness and self-confidence, as well as general plans. So if you have been wondering where my notebook collection is from, there you have it!

Design vs function

I am a classic hoarder of empty, untouched notebooks. You will often hear me say “but it is too pretty to write in!” As I fear that if I don’t write the most perfect and evocative prose, I have somehow done the designer an injustice. Furthermore, I will often hoard beautiful journals that I have no intention of using as they are not what I need. Right now, and I am begging for recommendations, I need a planner that can incorporate all of my blogging, writing, and social media needs. So, while I can write all day long in a choice of journals, I cannot sufficiently plan my new lifestyle. Help!

Tell me about yourself

I want to know where you get your notebooks. What do you use them for? Do you dedicate them to specific projects? Do any of you have a planner for blogging? What is your favourite notebook design you have seen? Let me know about your addiction in the comments!

-L x

8 thoughts on “I’m Lizzie, and I’m a Notebookaholic…

  1. I’m a fan of moleskine – I just love their paper. I used a Leuchtturm 1917 (I think it’s written like that) bullet journal for 6 months for everything – day-to-day planning and writing and everything but I found it too time-consuming to do spreads in the end. I now have an 18-month moleskine planner (weekly spreads) and I’m hoping that will work.

    For notebooks, I’m less particular. I pick up whatever is pretty and I get them as gifts! I bought several great blank ones in Ikea! They’re really cheap and have great design.

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  2. The Passion Planner is my favorite planner! It helps you set goals and create focus points every day. It’s also structured so that you can separate your overarching tasks and goals into personal and professional!

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