Packing for Camp!

It’s almost here. I have been given my cabin assignment, I’ve packed my bags, and I’m ready to write! Camp National Novel Writing Month (otherwise and hereafter known as Camp NaNoWriMo) is an online writer’s retreat where you can work on your project in the middle of your hectic day-to-day life. You announce your project, your goals, and are asked if you would like to be placed in a cabin with other writers for the month. So I announced Eleri’s Kingdom and that I’m aiming for 20,000 words by the end of the month. On Sunday, we begin.

I will be posting every Monday and Wednesday, as usual; letting you guys know how I am getting on and offering some sneak peeks into the world of my serialised prequel. Any behind the scenes footage will be posted on this site under the page Eleri’s Kingdom, as well as on my other social media pages. I have also set myself the goal of finishing the Beautiful Creatures series while I’m at Camp, so you will be reading my reviews of those in due course.

In the spirit of sneak previews and celebrating my new project, I have released chapter titles onto the Eleri’s Kingdom page and have included them below. Check back every Wednesday for a new preview, exclusively on my blog!

  1. Dark Attraction
  2. Flawed Expectations
  3. Three Warnings
  4. Inconsistent Identity
  5. Family Matters
  6. Murder on the Winter Terrace
  7. The Final Trial
  8. Reputation and Life
  9. Poor Execution
  10. A Power Unknown

Each chapter will comprise around 2,000 words. I plan on writing 500 words each weekday and 2000 words across each weekend. I tend to exceed these kinds of limits if I have a good enough idea, and my planning is already quite wordy, so hopefully I can win Camp NaNoWriMo and give you all something worth digging your teeth into!

I’ve decided I need to make a suitcase-size mini storyboard, and I definitely need more suncream. Do you have any tips for preparing for Camp? Have you ever done it, or are you a first-timer? Let me know in the comments!

-L x

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